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Stephanie Gatschet with a client.

Happy Paws is fully bonded and insured for your safety & peace of mind.

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Daughter passes Happy Paws to Mother to provide the best in pet care service!

Stephanie Gatschet, Partner and Founder

Stephanie, proud founder of Happy Paws is a former actress whose life  literally "went to the dogs".  She has always been passionate about animals, evidenced by the Kindness Award given to her by Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia when she was only 10!  Her “Help-A-Pet” (or HAP) club raised money for the shelter by selling cookies and lemonade and distributed a newsletter to neighborhood veterinary offices. Stephanie has worked with numerous rescue organizations in NY, LA and San Diego, and she now has one dog, one cat and a child of her own.


Her love of animals and extensive background in pet care and animal rescue led her to open Happy Paws in 2012, dedicated to caring for pets in the San Diego area.  With the birth of her first child, she invited her mother, Nancy, into the business.


Nancy Gatschet, Current Owner

Nancy believes there is no better way to spend an early retirement than going back to childhood! She grew up in a family that raised dogs, spent before and after school hours caring for 5 dogs and the litter of whatever pups had been born at the time.   Her kids were raised in home that had almost all manner of living beings – besides the beloved Cairn Terrier and 2 cats, the family had at various times a snake, an iguana, fish, parakeets, gerbils, chameleons, hamsters – there wasn’t a pet request denied – with a possible exception of the hedgehog request! The cat gave birth 2 days before Nancy gave birth to her daughter and partner in business – Stephanie. So in inheriting Happy Paws from my daughter – I am returning to my roots and to my love.



Nancy Gatschet with her 2 boys: Ernesto on the left and Alfie on the right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Happy Paws licensed, bonded, & insured?

Yes, Happy Paws LLC is licensed, bonded, and insured for your safety and peace of mind.  We understand that it can be difficult handing over keys and the care of your beloved pet to someone new, even a professional.  That's why we're a member of Pet Sitters Associates, and insured through them. This means that your pet(s), home, and personal belongings are all covered by our policy.

What if I need last-minute help?

We recommend booking services as early as you're able, in order to ensure availability.  However, we will always do our very best to accommodate all your pet care needs, even at the last minute!  Once your initial consultation is done, you can call, email or text us when you need us.  We're here to help.  

(*New clients: Remember that your initial consultation must take place before service begins, so please allow time to schedule this meeting at your home prior to your first service.)

​Does Happy Paws keep my key?

We do generally hold onto a key for each client, whether they are daily or occasional clients.    You can give your primary pet care provider a copy of your key at the initial consultation, and he or she will keep it safe for use as our services are needed.  Your key will never be marked with your name or address, but will be identified instead by the name of your pet.  We will be happy to return your key when you are no longer in need of pet care services, or any time at your request.


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