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    - Dog walks
    - Kitty visits
    - In-home overnight care
    - Dog park runs
    - Pet transportation

       ...and more...!

    WE SERVE...

    Hillcrest, Bankers Hill, Little Italy, Downtown, Point Loma, Ocean Beach, North Park, South Park, Golden Hill, Mission Hills, Mission Valley, Coronado, Pacific Beach, University Heights, Old Town


    (619) 928-4054











    Kindness to all critters




    Kelley is a an event planner and freelance writer as well as pet mom to her senior pets Kita (seen in the photo) and her cat Sonic.  She is an experienced professional sitter/walker, and volunteered for 12 years at a local animal shelter. Particularly good with cats, she is looking forward to serving your furry family’s care needs in your absence.

    Kelley Dukat

    Aaron Keohane

    Aaron has always been close to animals, so much so that he decided to become a vegetarian at the age of 13 and has since been committed. Growing up in snowy Syracuse, New York and learning everything he could about all of his terrestrial pets (and a goldfish), he decided he wanted to study aquatic animals as well while getting his degree in marine biology. Eventually, he found his way to Scripps Institution of Oceanography in sunny San Diego and refuses to leave. Aaron currently lives with a human and two rambunctious cats, but you can see him here with his childhood Italian Greyhound, Itchy.

    Meet Our Team

    Growing up in Chicago, Jami gained experience walking dogs in snow, sleet, rain and sticky heat. Jami’s furry family has included dachshunds to pitbulls, and even a Maine Coon who thinks he’s a dog. With a close connection to animal rescue groups, Jami believes all creatures deserve love and respect.

    Jami Spector

    My experience and love for animals began at an early age.  I grew up with a variety of pets ranging from pups, cats, birds, and rats. Volunteered experience with El Cajon Animal Shelter, Horses of Tirnagog, and pet sitting/care for friends and family. No critter is too much for me to handle. Currently have 3 wonderful cats.  I believe animals are our friends and great therapy.

    Elese Corvin